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Meet Ness Tomlinson.
I am a funloving, caring and empathic soul. I love helping people and was guided to work with spirit to help guide people on the right path.I am not a fortune teller, but I am here to help you make the changes needed to move forward. I am  a real, honest and empathic and ready to take you on a heartfelt journey of self-fulfillment, giving you the tools for life direction and self-healing, providing accurate psychic readings from Spirit, Angels and your guides. Just as I am have done on my personal development journey, I would like you to feel free to believe in yourself  in whatever path you choose.


Needing direction? Need support to choose a better direction?

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psychic Medium

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As a child Ness has been able to connect to spirit and was using an Ouija board to connect to passed loves ones and spirit at such a young age but wasn’t aware that she was gifted and to her it was just for fun. It wasn’t until she was almost 30 that her spiritual gifts became more permanent in her life and the she is blessed that the Archangels have shown her the way. 
When her father passed away she was 31 and she started to see him walk up the driveway or smelling his brand of cigarette smokes. He father was a non believer whilst he was alive and after his passing he offered to support her in spirit by guiding and teaching her how to work with spirit to help others. 

I believe we all have a journey and a purpose and you chose this body, this life, your parents, and the people all prior to this lifetime when making the choice to become human knowing all this can just help you learn something. Whether this journey is a spiritual one or not, life was meant to be lived to the full and lived as a happy one and I can guide you where you need be and how to get there.

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So, whats a psychic medium?

A psychic is a person who possess abilities that allow them to perceive or communicate information beyond the normal human senses. These abilities are often referred to as "psychic powers" or "extrasensory perception (ESP)."


Psychics may have various types of abilities, including:

  1. Clairvoyance: The ability to perceive information about events, objects, or people through visions, images, or impressions without the use of the known senses.

  2. Telepathy: The ability to read or communicate thoughts and feelings directly from one person's mind to another without using any known forms of communication.

  3. Precognition: The ability to predict or perceive future events before they happen.

  4. Mediumship: The ability to communicate with and receive messages from the spirits of deceased individuals.

  5. Psychometry: The ability to gather information about a person or event by touching an object associated with that person or event.

  6. Remote Viewing: The ability to gather information about a distant or unseen target, often using only mental focus.

Sending you love and light xoxox.

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