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Intuitive Psychic Reading

​Face to face or online video call for an hour or 45 minutes and 30 minutes available contact Ness for more details, at your place or mine for the Busselton area, outside of area depending on travel and time to location. Discuss at time of booking.
Couple readings are also available for the hour.
Online/distance video readings via Zoom or Facetime 

past life hypnosis


Hypnotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy, and life coaching

Available Past Life Regression, Removal of entities via Hypnotherapy, in consultation and sessions. NLP to be discussed, Life Coaching details via schedule appointment link. Timeline Therapy for 3 - 4 hours also available. Please contact Ness before booking to discuss all details

angel card reading online
angel therapy energy healing

Angel Reading Parties

Angel Reading Parties per person (30-45 minute reading), if the host gets 6 people and their reading is free, (including theirs). Can discuss readings for parties of 15-20 minutes for individuals can be arranged, please contact to discuss. Only within Perth and South West areas, Western Australia 

spiritual attachments cleansing


House cleansing and spiritual attachments

House cleansing (white sage and home blessing), depending on the size of the house - 3x1, 3x2, and 4x2 any bigger. Only within South West Areas, Western Australia. Spiritual attachment cleansing of people, Healing spells, will be discussed at booking of appointment. Required some deposit to hold the booking

teaching oracle card readings & women's development workshops

​Online, group workshops, and online and face to face one on one teaching available. Teaching Oracle cards, Angel Awareness, and understanding Angels. Contact Ness for online or one on one sessions. Online one on one-

Video call or Skype, 1-hour sessions. Women's Development Circles in Busselton or Bunbury. Prepaid per person prepaid schedule appointment link below.

Psychic Development Workshops in Bunbury or Busselton. Prepaid per person