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Self Empowerment and Spiritual Development Packages

Spiritual Coaching

Sometimes we haven't had the support and healing to heal from our past traumas and we block our own self empowerment and spiritual development subconsciously.
Available to purchase in 10 or 12 fortnightly sessions online or face to face sessions depending on what’s required.
All coaching sessions are tailored to you and intutively guided by spriit and your higher self. All packages are a 10-12 step process, and depending on your budget. If online the client attends a video call at designated appointment times, making this service available to anyone anywhere in the world. Through Ness's coaching you will gain the tools for self-healing and letting go of limiting beliefs, setting you on a direct path to living your best life!
Ness has adapted each session to what is needed for you as the client from using a combination of Family Freedom Protocol and self empowerment program and life coaching techniques tailored to you.
Programs offered are Readings. Life or Career Coaching, Forgiveness, Inner Child healing, Timeline Reset, Chakra Balancing or Reset, hypnotherapy (tailored to what is needed), Angel Therapy healing, Soul Fragment Reset or Energetic Removal and Reconnection to Higher Self.
Book in with Ness in Busselton or online for your Spiritual Life Coaching today!

Please note when you book the service you will leave the website to go to my Acuity booking system

Image by Sarah Brown
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