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Family Freedom Protocol 

The Family Freedom Protocol and tailored packages are a 6, 10-12 step process, that is a life-changing system proven to create more harmony and connection for you and the entire family. Focusing on the client's emotional and subconscious wellbeing. This service aims to remove old conditioned limiting beliefs, habits, and emotional trauma.
Available to purchase in 6 weekly or 12 fortnightly online or face to face sessions depending on what’s required. If you would like a 6 step program please contact Ness for prices.

If online the client attends a video call at designated appointment times, making this service available to anyone anywhere in the world. The Family Freedom Protocol program was developed and taught by leading Australian life coach and NLP practitioner Emma Romano and has had astounding results. You will gain the tools for self-healing and the ability to let go of limiting beliefs, setting you on a direct path to living your best life!

Ness has adapted each session to what is needed for you as the client from using the Family Freedom Protocol and other life coaching techniques tailored to you.

Some of the programs offered are Forgiveness, Inner Child, Pendulum Energy Removal and Release, Timeline Reset and hypnotherapy (tailored to what is needed).

Book in with Ness today for your Family Freedom Protocol Coaching today in Busselton or online!

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