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past life regression hypnosis

Past Life Regression

Inter-Dimensional Wisdom Through Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression involves the use of hypnotherapy regression, energetic healing, and suggestion therapy to shift negative beliefs from past life experiences. These beliefs can then create feelings of limitation and blockages stored in our body, mind, and energy body which can then manifest disease in the physical body. Basically, we are beautiful, powerful, eternal spiritual beings who have bravely decided to have a life on many dimensions to grow, expand, and evolve as a spiritual being. Our lives mirror lessons, suffering, and restrictions linking back to the soul so it can better understand what love and connection really is. Past Life Regression Therapy can be extremely powerful and helps us to live in the moment in numerous ways. For example, it can asisst with life purpose, eliminate fears, deep doubts, and blockages that are holding us back, restore symptoms of pain, or provide us with an insight into patterns we may repeatedly experience in our relationships. This type of therapy can also awaken and improve our spiritual growth allowing us to evolve beyond the physical planes of existence.

The primary benefit of Past Life Hypnotherapy allows us to eliminate the fear of change, moving forward, and possibly death, allowing us to accept our experiences and the inevitable physical death of ourselves and loved ones and continue to live without any fear or doubts. Some people will visit a past life or they may access the spiritual realm between incarnations on earth. As we work with the unconscious/subconscious mind and the higher self (your higher conconsciousness being) they will go where they need to go to assist you in your journey. The unconscious mind and higher self will only show you what you need at any given time. Sometimes we may not be ready to see what the unconscious and higher self can show us. It really is about the level of consciousness you have reached in your life.

At middle age, you may be ready to see other aspects of the higher self where you may not have been ready at the age of twenty years. Before exploring your past lives, you can learn why you selected your current body and chose this life. You can also begin to understand what you have brought with you from the other side/other lives into this life. You begin to realize where your patterns and limitations in your current life may come from as it then bonds you instantly to the relevant past life experiences and the past life that is most relevant to the influences to your current life breaking the constant circles and cycles that continuously keep showing themselves.

Past Life regression has proven results for-

  • Understanding your pattern of self-sabotage and correct it

  • Understanding the impact of your own soul work

  • Free yourself of addictions  

  • Free yourself of problems of the past

  • Free yourself of sabotage

  • Find your why and how

  • Find your reason for being here and your life path


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Soul Journey Coaching 

Do you wonder who is guiding you in this life? Where does your guidance come from? What is your journey about?
Are you interested in knowing your life purpose, who your guide or guardian angel is, who is your spiritual counsel is supporting you in this journey and opening your akashic records? I will take you on a 3 part session journey either face to face or online. In these sessions you chose something that you are needing guidance on or what you life purpose is on this incarnation. I help you will unlock deep secrets and subconscious problems you are needing answers to linking to your purpose, journey and possible spiritual development.

This can be completed as a whole, 3 sessions in 1 or 3 separate sessions.

Please note when you book the service you will leave the website to go to my Acuity booking system
Book with Ness today to complete your Soul Journey in Busselton or online!


Sacred Ancestry Clearing and DNA Healing

This is my favourite process of all.
The Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Repair is a powerful and profound combination of working with Spirit, Energetic Alchemy, Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and NLP to create the most unique and pure wave of healing throughout an entire bloodline.

This process really is such a WORK OF ART. It is birthed from a place of great understanding of the Sciences and Principles of a combination of many different POWERFUL modalities. It has been handed over with huge spiritual back up and it is pure magic in motion.

The time is NOW. It is time to stop repeating the patterns that no longer serve. It is time to release the traumas of the 7 generations that’s been scientifically proven to be held in OUR cellular memory. Our current and future generations are being born too sensitive to be able to continue to hold these traumas in their DNA as it’s not their pain and anxiety they are experiencing - It’s ours. It’s our parents and our grandparents and our great, great, great, great grandparents.

Our Earth can no longer sustain such heaviness - but she will happily help us clear it.
It’s is time to clear this Karma. After all, Karma is simply a balancing of energies, and that is EXACTLY what this process does.

The results have been widespread with many noticing massive ripple effects throughout their bloodlines.

Individual results vary of course, but the testimonials have been coming in thick and fast with some truly profound reports of change.

I have changed my life and my beliefs with this amazing life coaching process.

Please note when you book the service you will leave the website to go to my Acuity booking system

Book now the Sacred Ancestry Clearing and DNA Healing with Ness in Busselton or online today!

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