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Training and Spiritual Development

Teaching Oracle Card Readings

Do you hear voices, get signs all the time, and wonder if that a message from above or just your mind playing tricks on you? Sometimes we don’t know and I can teach you how to open that up and learn to trust your intuitive spiritual connection.
Do you want to read oracle cards online and face to face, work with angels, your guides, and spirit? I believe connecting to the angels and spirit gives me the lasting completeness of knowing I am looked after and guided along my light working journey.
And I want to help you develop your skills just as I have. I will give you the ability to help you tune into the spirit, the Angels, and learning to read oracle cards for yourself and others.

So, what will we be doing?
These sessions will cover-learn to read oracle cards, channelling spirit and the angels, what is spirituality, how to connect to angels, listening and hearing angel messages and angel and signs from spirit, angel energy, building a angel altar or sacred space and how to develop your intutuion. There will also be meditation, I shall introduce you to your guardian angels, the archangels, and communicating with spirit, clearing curses and cords, understanding chakras, meditating with the angels, cleansing techniques and how to use cleansing tools.
The most beneficial part is you will learn how to listen, ask, trust, and have an understanding of the angels and spirit, learning who your Guardian Angel is and how to work with them. How to provide confidence-building and basic techniques on how to use your intuition, clearing, and boundary techniques and basic handling and clearing your decks.
A certificate of completion will also be provided.

If you're guided to work with me then there is a reason for it, trust it. I will offer you a completely safe and supportive space for you on this journey. 

Courses are online and with available for group workshops, online and face to face and one on one teaching available.
Other courses available are Angel Awareness and understanding Angels, manifestation with the angels (Manifesting abundance, positivity, financial stability, health, and love), Mystical Creatures, and awaken your spirituality training is available also.

All online workshops are online via Microsoft Teams or face to face workshops can be arranged.
I currently have offered a video course for Oracle Training, please see tab for these details. I can offer a one on one tailored course as well. Please contact me to discuss.
All spiritual development can be offered online, face to face, one on one and provided for private functions.

Spiritual development programs have payment plans available and tailored to you.

Women's Development Circles Workshops
If you are a woman who feels a lack of clarity in your life if developing your intuition excites you if you are longing to be a part of a like-minded community. Look no further. I am happy to share with you my women’s spiritual development circles. This event is created for you to work on and awaken your spiritual empowerment. There will be a theme for each circle and we discuss something that will give you confirmation of your journey and empower you each time we meet on a monthly basis.
We cleanse and ground prior to the circle. The theme is different each month and I offer a beautiful meditation clearing any negativity and energy.

We will chat, meditate, and then discover reading oracle cards with simple steps in learning to read the cards and lastly share with everyone to simply chat and get to know one another better if there is time.
The latest events and women's circles are under my events tab. 

All circles can be offered online, face to face, one on one and provided for private functions.
Contact Ness
to book your spiritual development sessions today in Busselton or online!!

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