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sacred ancestral clearing and dna repair therapy

Spiritual Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and 
Angel Intuitive Healer 

Ness lives in Busselton, Western Australia. She is a psychic, medium offering psychic and spiritual guidance readings and is also qualified Spiritual Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic Programmer (NLP) Practitioner, and Career Counsellor. Ness clears the fears, limiting beliefs and negative emotions that don't serve us and steps you through a process using personal development and psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy can assist with losing weight and eating disorders, smoking cessation, anxiety, stress, depression, fears and phobias, sleeping problems, bed wetting, motivation, memory, creativity and public speaking, goal setting, low self-esteem and increasing confidence.
Ness provides workshops in the areas of learning to develop your intutuition, learning to read oracle cards, meditation, spiritual and personal development, life purpose, and strategies to improve your focus and self-worth.
Ness also provides Angel Intuitive support, being a a psychic and spiritual medium, not only provides accurate psychic readings through from Spirit, she works with Angels, Guides and your passed over loved ones to assist you with moving forward. She is professional and uses her intuition to offer guidance whilst encouraging you to step into a more positive direction.
Ness has the ability to assist and help people with the tools to heal, move forward from the past, make peace into the current day to progress  towards a clear and positive future.
Providing clarity or the answer those questions hanging over your head.
Ness believes we all have a journey and just wants to help you move onto the right path whether it be love, finances, career, health, or general guidance.
Ness trusts and beliefs in the guidance she given and provided.

She works mainly in Busselton at Mind ,Body, Spirit, Busselton and is in Bunbury at Boodi (18A Prosser St) every second Saturday of the month and offers appointments online.  
Contact Ness today for your psychic reading in Busselton, Bunbury or online.
Sending love and light xoxox

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