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Awaken Your Inner Gifts -Oracle Course and Develop Your Intuition

Become a Master Spiritual Channel, One on One Coaching Course

Welcome to the journey of your spiritual passage to working with spirit. 
I invite you to this awesome one on one coaching program.

Are you called to work with spirit, angels and the universe? Maybe you already have a holistic wellness business and want to add more? Or just join to learn something new?
Over the sessions I will be tuning you into your spirit guides, meeting and your guardian angels and enhancing your spiritual abilities.
Ness will be teaching you tools when working and connecting to spirit, guides and the tools to get started.
If there is fear around starting your business and Ness can show you how to clear this and feel more connected to moving foward.
Whether you already have a business or not there is many ways to connect to the divine and to get back your power or just being confident.

This is added to the shop for option of payment plan. If you are paying in full please checkout for price in full

You are provided with a Certificate at the completion of course. Please provide email and contact details on checkout.
For any further informaiton please contact Ness to follow up.

This is the video course for Awaken your inner gifts.

Welcome to the start of an amazing journey.
Spirit has guided you here for a reason and to awaken to your purpose.

Do you hear voices, get signs all the time and wonder if that a message from above or just your mind playing tricks on you? Sometimes we don’t know and I can teach you how to open that up and learn to trust your intuitive spiritual connection.

Do you want to read oracle cards online, work with angels, your guides and spirit? I believe connecting to the angels and spirit gives me the the lasting completeness of knowing I am looked after and guided along my light working journey.

And I want to help you develop your skills just as I have. I will give you the ability to help you tune into spirit, the Angels and learning to read oracle cards for yourself and others.

You re provides with a Certificate at the completion of course. Please provide email and contact details on checkout.
If you haven't received the modules please contact Ness to follow up.

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