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The start of my journey working with spirit!

Working with spirit isn't one of the easiest things to do but it is quite a gift. Say let me tell you about my journey when it all started.

I began really communicating with spirit when I was about 11 my next-door neighbour told me all about the ouija board. It was to something I wasn't sure about but for me it was like I walked into something that I already knew. It was like I could hear what they were saying I could feel into the moment and trust whatever was happening I just believed it. And I continued to do the ouija board and channel spirit for many many years but when I was about 16 my friend and I connected to spirit and with the ouija board and truly believed that we wanted the same coloured eyes. And as weird as this is we kept checking every single day to see whether or not it was actually happening and I think we started to get a bit freaked out by the whole experience because our eyes were actually to my experience to what I was believing in, feeling in that moment was actually happening our eyes were changing. And then we contacted spirit on the ouija board and we said no stop, we don't want to have our eyes changed anymore and to this day my friend Melissa and for whatever reason have the same green coloured eyes with speckles of brown and blue and I truly believe we have the eyes of a gifted psychic.

So, back to the journey of when I started to connect more.

When I was about 19, I was at one of the local markets in the city which is Perth in Western Australia staying with my brother. And there it jumped out at me was a pack of tarot cards. And I really really wanted to buy them but my brother said to me you don't want to be working with that kind of rubbish, so I stepped back and didn’t buy the deck of cards.

It wasn't that he didn't believe, or wouldn’t have supported me, in the 80’s and 90’s it wasn’t a good thing. And I thought OK this is not the right time and people had guided me that working with spirit was devils work and you don't really want to be doing something like that because you could actually get really hurt. But my gut instinct said the time will come and I will work the tarot cards.

Then a couple of years later I actually bought my first tarot deck with a basic book. I studied this book I read this book from cover to over and I was bored to death it did not interest me to me I thought what's the point in having all these spreads, that links to that when you just read the cards and there's a story in the card so I put the book away and just started reading what I thought was the message in the card. I did have a basic knowledge of what each card meant.

Then I found Doreen Virtue, the be angels and Oracle cards.

At 28, I was at a home party plan at a friend’s place with my Mum and my mum wasn’t sure why I wanted to buy a oracle deck, questioned my passions to work with spirit but kept looking. The host had some amazing Oracle decks, I went through every single deck the unicorns, the fairies dolphins and mermaids. Nothing resonated yet again I felt like I was hitting a brick wall then there was the last deck messages from the angels. The lady told me to open the wrapper and shuffle it and play with it and see what comes. On this day I don't know what happened, but I had the biggest message I'd ever had from spirit and the angels. A card fell out and that card said "to make myyour decison, which way brings me closer to my divine purpose or which way takes me further away from it? "

With the words Vanessa on the top, staring at me jumping out at me telling me that I needed to buy this deck. I don't know if you know it but my name is Ness but my full version of my name is Vanessa. That to me was a sign. I didn't actually know what this deck was going to give me, but I trusted that there must be a reason for it. At that moment I fell in love with the angels I didn't want to work with angels 'cause in my heart at 28 all I thought working with Angels was connected to God and I'm not religious. But it wasn't about religion, the angels are a tool for guidance, protection, healing and support, a bit like a crystal or a pendulum, which are tools too, but the angels are the start my journey working with spirit.

So, I can honestly say to you that message on the card with my name on it was just the beginning of an amazing journey nearly 25 years later. The angels showed me where I was meant to be and what I needed to do when working with Angel cards. I didn't feel but I did question at some point what if I was wrong, what if I was guiding someone with the wrong information? But then I let that go because my biggest message after that was what if you can actually help them? So, my story began with the story in the cards and sharing that story with you and that you can also read cards as well because every card tarot or Oracle has a story and it's up to you to decipher that story for yourself or for the person you're reading for. It's just about you intuitively trusting, listening and in asking for guidance, protection and reading what is the message in that card.

Then losing my dad at 31 when he passed away, he always told me that this was rubbish I didn't need to work with spirit that was not real and not a good thing for me. But I didn't listen 'cause I knew it was all real and I had nothing to worry about. So, you can imagine my dad coming through as a spirit how this was for me. I started smelling his cigarette smoking my house, I started seeing him walk up my driveway, and then I started hearing him talk to me. As strange as that may sound, he was telling me that what he told me about spirit and heaven wasn't the truth it is all real. He offered to support me spiritually and guide me so the next stage in my life. Which I always hear him always talking to me and always guiding me what I need in my life through every challenge, every problem and every step of growth that I do have he's there. So, he says the Google googly gock isn't googly gock anymore it's real. Thanks Dad, I really treasure this.

First time at a very low point in my life about six years later, I met Archangel Michael and he showed me that it was always going to be alright I had nothing to fear because he was going to be by my side protecting me, supporting me and he being an amazing career coach that he would show me exactly where I needed to go and what I needed to do and be the guide I am today.

Many things have happened in the last 23 years and I will talk about them all as I learned to blog and share more and more along the way.

Sending you all a bright sunny day, love and light and wellness,

Love, Ness xoox

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