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Soul Journey Coaching 

Who is guiding me in this life? Where does my guidance come from? What is my journey about?
Are you interested in knowing your life purpose, who your guide or guardian angel is, who is your spiritual counsel is supporting you in this journey and opening your akashic records? Ness will take you on a 3 part session journey either face to face or online. In these sessions you decide on something that you are needing guidance on or what you life purpose is on this incarnation. You will unlock deep secrets and subconscious problems you are needing answers to linking to your purpose, journey and possible spiritual development.
This can be completed as a whole, 3 sessions in 1 or 3 separate sessions.

Please note when you book the service you will leave the website to go to my Acuity booking system
Book with Ness today to complete your Soul Journey in Busselton or online!

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